Unlock the powerful combination of Data and GTO

Become a part of one of the fastest growing growing poker communities in the world and unlock access to state-of-the-art strategies.

Data Scientific

We've mapped out exploitative strategies based on the insights of big data, tailored to your environment, and regularly updated.


Utilising the latest software developments and our own in house tools, we help you make sense of the complex world of GTO.

Active Learning

We provide a wide array of active learning methods based on the principles of deliberate practice.


Founded in early 2021, we started out with a small group of just five small and micro stakes players eager to embark on their journey to the highest stakes available. Within 6 months the tream grew to over 30 players ranging from 25nl to 2000nl.


Our goal is to provide the best learning environment there is for our players. We do that by making real connections with our players, providing a clear framework with active learning methods and some of the most sophisticated strategies on the planet!

Our head-coach and founder

Patrick, better known as Freenachos, started playing cards when he was seventeen years old. Although he fell in love straight away, it took a long hiatus from the game during which he got a degree in teaching before he finally found the success he longed for for over a decade. Over the last couple of years he played and coached for Poker Detox, after which he started his own coaching company: NachosPoker. 


Today he has coached over a 100 players ranging from low stakes to high stakes. His qualities are the use of Hand2Note to do mass-database analysis as well as a crisp fundamental understanding of the game. 


Read more about his journey on his blog on Run It Once.

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Stellar Content

Get access to exclusive courses that will help you sky-rocket through the stakes.

Graduate from Poker U

Take part in our weekly masterclasses and unlock access to monthly coaching calls.


Become part of a thriving community of like-minded individuals embarking on their journey towards high stakes.

Private Deals

As a part of our team you always have access to exclusive rakeback deals and bonuses

Best Splits

We offer some of the most competitive splits in the industry.

Carreer Opportunities

Grow within the company and get paid to do coaching or start your own in-house CFP!

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Most frequent questions and answers

We are working with volume based contracts. Most players start off with a 600k hand contract (900k for zoom players). For proven winners at mid to high stakes we have special deals with added incentives to join our team. 

For our lower staked players we have weekly group coaching sessions, or as we like to call them: Masterclasses. During these interactive calls the coach will dissect an important concept in a easy-to-digest format. Players who reach higher stakes unlock acces to monthly 1-on-1 coaching calls and database reviews.

We also have a coaching staff working around the clock within our thriving Discord community to answer any questions players might have and we provide a stat-checker that functions as a framework for self-improvement.

All our players get access to the Playbook, which consists of all the data scientific exploits that you’ll need, as well as simplified GTO strategies to help you navigate the game-tree in an efficient manner. 

All of our content is created with the goal to streamline the learning process as much as we can. We like actice learning methods, therefore we have deals with GTO Wizard and CheckDecide to ensure our players have the best tools at their disposal.

In addition to that we have an extensive video database in which the coaches post weekly videos and recordings of the Masterclasses. 

And last but not least: for our high stakes players we have our very own High Stakes Course that delivers a deathly combination of Data and GTO

After submitting your application the coaching team will review it within one week. Should your application be of interest, then we’ll invite you to an interview with our head coach. Based on that interview we will decide whether we make you a formal offer to join our team.

Yes, we offer private coaching as well. Click here for more information!

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